look what we've accomplished this summer.

May 2019, the big decision.

After being in the same shopping center for over 35 years, the time had come. This of course was not an easy decision, but deep down we knew it would be worth it in the long run. Sometimes you have to sacrifice what is most important to you, but life is all about taking risks for happiness and that is exactly what we did.

June 2019, what a month.

Move in day was the first weekend of June and opening day was the following Monday. The move was smooth and fairly simple. The first week in the new location was absolutely amazing. There was so much love and support, and of course everyone loved the new studio! Flash forward a couple months… As we had some time to fully soak in the new location, we found things that we never could have had at the old studio. For example, we now have a beautiful outdoor patio perfect for our Summer Art Camp and future paint and wine nights. We also have an inspiration room where students can sit down and choose their next painting.


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