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Kids Classes


It is our firm belief and experience for the past 40 years that kids can learn to paint in oils just as well and as rapidly as adults by our method. Oils are a very forgiving and flexible medium to work with making learning both pleasurable and successful. The essential ingredient the student provides is motivation, and with that, we can teach any youngster to paint highly artistic paintings beyond your expectations, no experience necessary.

Each youngster begins painting at the first lesson and in one class produces a small (8x10) floral painting. This project combines both the palette knife and brush techniques as well as basic color mixing (This painting can be done as the trial class) The next painting, (the only other project that we choose for the student) is an early spring landscape (16x20) that will take about 3 classes to complete. This painting includes both basic drawing and painting and covers a wide variety of basic skills in oils. After that, a child will then select his or her own subject matter with guidance. Children will work on a variety of subjects such as landscape, seascape, still life, gardens, cottages, animals, marine life, buildings, cartoons, flowers, abstract, and beginning portraiture. We encourage the kids to explore different subjects and styles to expose them to a variety of techniques and applications.

Each painting consists of a lesson in basic right brain drawing (a perception of line, value and spatial reasoning) Color mixing and composition are also introduced, as well as various painting techniques using the brush, palette knife and cloth. Much of the instruction is verbal with actual demonstrations done by us. Each child is individually instructed so the instruction is geared to each child’s age and comprehension level.

Many parents question us regarding whether their child has the “talent” to paint or whether their child can absorb the instruction. Let me assure you, all children have the talent, and in time kids retain the skills. There are few kids that aren’t delighted to get a brush in their hand and have caring teachers help them produce high quality paintings right from the start.

Our students have won hundreds of awards at the Ventura County Fair over the past years, such as “Best of Show,” “Best of Class,’ “Professional Art Award,’ Honorable Mention, and hundreds and hundreds of First Class Ribbons. It is a fun experience and great way to show their artwork. Oil painting is a very rewarding process as the student has a product to share for years to come. It builds their confidence, self-esteem and decision making skills that cross over into all different areas.

We ask that parents do not attend classes with their child as it inhibits their concentration and our student-teacher relationship. If you would like to observe your child in action, it is best for a few minutes at the end of class. We are most busy during set up and clean up time, so if you wish to confer with us for more than a minute or two, please give us a call. We would be happy to discuss your child’s progress at any time.

Give us a try. We offer a warm, caring environment in which your child can explore their creativity.  If you have any further questions, please call 818-707-1952 .You may observe a class anytime at any time, no appointment necessary.